Daniel Stejskal

U Pivovaru 1

586 01 Jihlava

Czech Republic

Mobile phone:

+420 728 074 501


Umělecká tvorba Rydlo


Last update 11/2018


andel dravec pes kristus zver
  • Hunter's topics  

                - carved sculptures and reliefs of birds and anim

                - the gunstock carvings, bone and antler, carved hunting clubs

                - trophy

  • Religious themes    - sculptures and reliefs
  • Custom Carvings    - souvenirs, carved pipes, etc.
  • Carvings on the joinery and restoration work of historic carvings


We can manufacture any custom carving to customer - by photo, image,
proposal for a customer or. according to their own design.


The hunting clubs are other motives may be customized (eg, any breed of dogs).
Clubs are manufactured according to customer's height.